Welcome to the Samford Stingrays Swim Club!

We invite you to join us for an exciting season of club swimming at the Samford Stingrays Swim Club! In 2020/21 we are looking to further expand and grow our great club into the future.

Dive into Season 2020/21! With 14 club nights, our very own Bronte Barratt Shield friendly meet, and our 2 day Club Championships carnival, we offer plenty of family friendly fun at the Samford Pool.

Our junior fees (all swimmers age 17 & under) are fully inclusive, with nothing extra to pay for merchandise items that are often charged on top of membership fees.  Fees include:

* Swimming Australia, Swimming Queensland and Brisbane Swimming fees

* Samford Stingrays Swim Club membership

* participation at 14 club nights, Bronte Barratt Shield carnival and 2 day Club Championships carnival

* end of season club perpetual trophy with engraved plates added for every season of membership

* swimming cap each season for every swimer

* included item of merchandise for seasons 1-5:

     Season 1 - club shirt     

     Season 2 - club towel

     Season 3 - club baseball cap

     Season 4 - choice item - shirt, towel or cap

     Season 5 - club swim jacket

Swimmers with 6 or more seasons will continue to receive a swimming cap each season.  Swimmers attaining 10 seasons of membership will receive a customised trophy for their loyalty and dedication to the club.

All payments should be made online using the Swim Central Portal using credit card (please note an additional 1.5% transaction fee and 2.5% system fee will be imposed by Swimming Australia for each membership type purchased).

Club nights are held at the Samford Pool every Friday night during Terms 4 & 1, with arrival and warm up from 5.30pm, our 12.5m races at 6:00pm, and the remainder of the program (25m/50m/100m) from 6:30pm.

On Friday 9th October 2020 we will be holding our club presentation night which has been held over from last season due to Covid restrictions.  Our first official night of swimming for 2020-21 will be held on Friday 16th October 2020. Nominations for racing are now open here. New members should commence at either 12.5m or 25m in each stroke. One distance per stroke.

Further details regarding club night nominations will be forwarded in due course. For further details and to stay in touch with all of our Club happenings, please like our Facebook page.


Samford Stingrays Swim Club Fees 2020/2021


Swimmer aged 8 Years & Under - $99.00*

Swimmer aged 9+ Years - $199.00*

Adult Swimmer - $69.00 (Participation at Club Nights)*

Non-Swimming Parents / Guardians - FREE


*Administration Fees: All payments are to be made online using the Swim Central membership portal using a debit or credit Visa or Mastercard.  A 1.5% transaction fee and 2.5% system fee will apply on top of the fees outlined above, which has been imposed by Swimming Australia. 

Age is as at the date of joining for new members.  For renewing members, the date used is the child's age as at 1 July 2020.

* Memberships run from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021

Discounts to the Swimming QLD component will apply to multiple swimmers from the same family when payment is completed at the same time.  This includes adult swimmers.  These discounts are 15% from the Swimming QLD component for any transaction with 3 paying memberships, 30% for any transaction with 4 paying memberships and 45% for any transaction with 5 paying memberships.  The discounted prices will appear in your Swim Central shopping trolley.

* Adult Swimmers - If any adults intend to swim at club nights, we strongly suggest you purchase your adult membership at the same time as purchasing memberships for your children, as discounts will apply if you are bundling your membership together with 2 or more children. Membership covers club night swimming only.


Social Membership:

Suitable for swimmers who are competitive swimmers of another club, but wish to participate at Samford club nights as social members.  Please note that club points do not accrue for social swimmers, and they will not be eligible to participate in distance championships or club championships.  Social members may break pool records, but are ineligible to break club records.  Social members may participate in the Bronte Barratt Shield, and may, at the discretion of the host club, be able to participate in other external friendly meets.  Social members will receive any applicable merchandise for their years of membership, as well as a club perpetual trophy, with engraved plates for every year of club membership presented at the end of each season.  Social membership fees will be those outlined above, less the compulsory Swimming Australia, Swimming QLD & Brisbane Swimming registration fees which will already have been paid with your competitive club.  $115.00 in total for 9 Years & Over, $45.00 in total for 8 Years & Under.  Please contact the President for further details.


  • Get Started Program - The Samford Stingrays are proud to be affiliated with the Get Started program. If you have successfully applied for and received a voucher, please contact the Registrar to organise redemption prior to the payment of any fees.