Frequently Asked Questions!


How does the night run?  After a warm-up/education period of 20 minutes from 5:30 pm, we will begin marshalling at 5.50 pm.  Racing starts at 6:00 pm with our 12.5m Stingray Pups swimmers so that those children rotate quickly through the four strokes and can get home at a reasonable time (generally finishing by 6:15 pm).  Once our Pups program finishes, we will move through the program for swimmers participating in the longer distances, commencing with 25m, then moving to 50m and longer distances if scheduled for the night.  The program of events for each particular Club night can be accessed via the Swim Club Connect app through which you nominate for races.  The night should conclude by 8:00-8:30 pm, depending on the number of swimmers nominated weekly.

What time does the swim club start?   Gates open at 5.30 pm for warm-up and education, with marshalling commencing at 5.50 pm.

What should my child wear?  Girls should wear a one-piece swimming costume.  Boys may wear "racers" or "jammer" style skins or briefs.  A swim cap is required to be worn at all times.  Goggles are optional but recommended.

How will the children know when they are swimming?  There will be a microphone announcement to marshall the various strokes.  Eg.  "All freestyle swimmers to the marshalling area, please".  You can also follow the program on the Swim Club Connect app.

Where is the marshalling area?  It is the undercover area on the car park side of the pool complex.  Spectators should not sit in this area.

Can I assist my child?  You certainly can!  You may escort them to marshalling and can also assist them at the start of their race behind the blocks and provide encouragement.  We ask that you keep the pool sides relatively clear for our club referees to have a clear path.  If your child requires additional support to race, please email the Club Secretary - secretary@samfordswimclub.com.au your requirements to ensure the committee can provide a safe swimming experience for your child and the other children.

What is the starting signal for a race?  We use the Swim Club Connect app for our timing system with the timekeeping mobile phones linked to a starting buzzer and computer system.  The children will hear a long whistle from the referee, upon which they should take their position either on top of the diving blocks OR standing on the edge of the pool coping. Alternatively, children may enter the pool and perform a deep water start with one hand on the backstroke bar or wall (or in the pool with both hands on the backstroke bar and feet against the wall for backstroke).  The starter will then call the distance and stroke and "Take your mark", followed by the starting sound / 'beep', which is the signal to start racing.  Eg. "50m Freestyle, take your mark...BEEP".

How is the 12.5m mark defined?  There is a rope across the pool at the 12.5m mark.  The rope has attached pool noodles, and the children simply need to swim and touch it.

Is there any extra support for 12.5m swimmers?  Yes!  We understand that many children swimming this distance are young and still developing their technique and confidence.  We will have a selection of senior swimmers available to provide encouragement and support for these races.

What do the referees do?  The referees are on hand to ensure that the heats run smoothly, safely, and per the club rules and regulations.  

Can my child be disqualified?  For the children to learn and progress, we apply the Swimming Australia rules, and children aged 9+ may be disqualified for incorrect technique.  Rule tolerances will apply to children aged 8 & under, and these junior swimmers will not be disqualified for any reason unless they swim a completely different stroke (eg. freestyle instead of backstroke).  Rules tolerances will also apply to all 12.5m events regardless of age.  Common disqualifications for swimmers aged 9+ include: starting before the starting signal (false start), swimming the incorrect stroke in a race (eg. swimming freestyle when the stroke is butterfly), not touching the wall with 2 hands in the breaststroke, standing up in the pool in the middle of a race, an incorrect technique in turns, and being completely submerged underwater in a backstroke finish.  This list is not extensive.  If your child is disqualified, we encourage them to attend the education session that commences at 5.30 pm the following club night, whereby they will be provided guidance and education around why they were disqualified so that they reduce the risk of making the same mistake.

How can I find out the times my child has swum?  Times for swim nights can be found in the Swim Club Connect app.  Results will be available near real-time of your child swimming the race. (Please note there is a small subscription fee to access the Swim Club Connect applications on your device.  This fee is charged by the app developer, not the club).

For swimmers competing in events outside of club nights, refer to the event program for advice on recording results.  Results for Swimming QLD-sanctioned events can be found in Swim Central.

How is the Seed Times calculated?  Seed times are your child's best times from last season up until the final standard club night when the final points for the season were accrued. Times achieved at Club Championships are disregarded.  New swimmers will start with no seed time (NT).

Is there food and refreshments available?  Yes!  We run our weekly BBQ, offering sausages, Angus beef burgers, bacon & egg burgers, water, soft drinks, sports drinks and confectionery.  The BBQ is run with the assistance of all swim club families, who will be rostered on to assist once per season.  Your assistance in completing your rostered BBQ duty is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to making it a true community club where everyone pitches in and lends a hand.

What if it's raining or there's a storm?  Club nights will proceed in the event of light to moderate rain.  In the event of lightning, racing will be suspended and will not resume until 30 minutes have passed since the last lightning flash, as per Swimming Queensland Lightning policy.  Swim club may be cancelled in the following circumstances: constant driving rain, continual storm activity, high winds, and cold temperatures, at the discretion of the club committee and having regard to the relevant weather forecasts.  Club members will be notified via the stack team app or the private Facebook page.

How can I help?  It is an expectation of membership that every family contributes to the smooth running and success of the club without it being overly onerous.  To that end, we develop a Volunteer Roster whereby each family is allocated to one club night per season and will lend a hand with setup, BBQ serving/cooking and overall pack up.  Each week we will also call for volunteers to assist with timekeeping using your phone and the Swim Connect App, and we may also need assistance with marshalling the children into their races.  Parents' timekeeping is essential to the smooth running of the night and your children receiving accurate times.  Remember, volunteers run the club wholly, and every assistance is greatly appreciated!  If you want to become more involved, please step right up...the more, the merrier, and even though we look like we have everything under control, we sometimes don't!!

The pool has a "no glass" policy.  Please ensure no glass of any nature is brought into the pool complex.  Thank you for your cooperation.