How to Register


Online registrations for 2019/20 are closing as at Friday 7th February 2020. Membership costs are outlined here.  The process for joining or renewing your membership in the new Swim Central system is outlined below.

Due to members needing to participate at 6 or more club nights to be eligible for Club Championships, we will not be taking any further registrations after Friday 7th February 2020.  Prospective members may still come down for a free 2 week trial anytime up until our last standard club night on Friday 20th March 2020, with a view to joining us for Season 2020-21.  There are no half season discounts offered, due to the fact that the swimming bodies do not offer part-year memberships and the club has set overheads for club shirts, swim caps and trophies for all new members. 


New Members

Handy Hints Video

Swim Central Help Resources

1. Go to the Swim Central website HERE

2. Register > Enter email address & password > Register

3. Complete the membership form: Region - Brisbane Swimming Association, Club - Samford ASC

4. Register yourself as a free parent member, and add dependants to register children.

5. Complete the payment process.

6. Either email your child's birth certificate to or bring it along to be sighted at your first club night.

6. Submit your standing swimming nominations HERE


Existing Members 

Handy Hints Video

Swim Central Help Resources

All existing members will have been sent a welcome / activation email from Swimming Queensland in May 2019.  The title will be "Welcome to Swim Central".  This email will provide all of the details necessary to sign into Swim Central for the first time, and a link to all the necessary resources to renew your memberships for 2019/20, add additional family members etc.

1. Locate "Welcome to Swim Central" email and go through the login process.

2. If you cannot find the email: go to the Swim Central System HERE and input your email address and go through the "Forgot Password" process to obtain access to the system.

If you are still having trouble, contact Swimming Queensland for further assistance, or you may contact our Registrar, Nicole Scurr via email: Please note that as a club, we are unable to reset passwords, or add new members as we were able to in the past, however we can certainly assist with navigating the system and general troubleshooting.

Once you have logged into the system:

3. Click on your family group, and select a member to "impersonate"

4. Go to the orange Shopping Trolley Icon

5. Search "Samford"

6. Select Appropriate Membership type.  Age is as at 1 July 2019 for renewing members.

7. "Add to Trolley"

8. "End Impersonation"

9. Select next Family Member and repeat process for all family members.  Please sign up all parents with a free parent membership, or as an adult swimmer if wanting to race at club nights.

10. Go to Trolley icon in top right hand corner

11. Complete the payment process - agree to the T&C, Checkout

12. Submit your standing swimming nominations HERE

If you are still having trouble, check out our step by step PDF guide with screenshots HERE.


Transferring Members 

Transferring members who are currently/previously registered with another swim club who wish to transfer to the Samford Stingrays, please contact to enable coordination of the transfer.  A transfer fee will apply if a swimmer is transferred during a swim season.  

The Club is open to new members at any time throughout the season - new swimmers are always welcome!


Swim Central Help & Resources

A comprehensive list of resources to assist with Swim Central can be found HERE.

What’s next?

Once your membership/s have been processed, you may nominate for your first club night by filling in the online form here.  In the meantime, please ‘watch this space’ on our website and Facebook to stay in the loop with our latest news.