Carnivals bring out the real Samford Stingrays team spirit!  Wherever we go, we put in a big effort with enthusiasm, support for every member, encouragement and great sportsmanship.

Our club attends friendly carnivals, development meets, and A-grade qualifying meets during the season. This is a fantastic way for the kids to practice all their hard work in training and at club nights and showcase our talent with neighbouring clubs and at regional / state-level meets.

With a wide range of events, every member can get involved regardless of age or ability. Our club encourages every swimmer to have a go and join the team. Show your support!


Q: How do I find out when racing meets are happening?

A: Racing meets will be listed as events on the Samford Swim Club website HERE, on the events tab of the Samford Swim Club Stack App HERE, or via the racing carnival below.

Q: Does it cost extra?

A: Most meets will have a cost to enter each race you nominate for.  This is clearly outlined when you nominate for a race via Swim Central

Q: How do you nominate for these events?

A: Check out our "Race Meet Nominations" page on the website and follow the step-by-step instructions.

2023-24 Carnival Calendar

Please refer to Stack Team app and news for upcoming carnivals



Please note that additional carnivals are offered by Brisbane Swimming and Swimming Queensland.  Refer to the Swimming Queensland Events, Brisbane Swimming Events, and  Approved Meet Calendar for the full list of meets available.  

  • Short Course (SC) – events swum in a 25m pool
  • Long Course (LC) – events swum in a 50m pool
  • Open Water (OW)
  • Qualifying Times (QT)