Club Merchandise

Club Merchandise

Our custom designed club merchandise shines both in and out of the pool!

All new memberships are inclusive of the club shirt and swimming cap.

Renewing memberships are inclusive of the club swimming cap, and another item of club merchandise, currently:

Season 2 - club towel

Season 3 - club baseball cap

Season 4 - choice item (shirt, towel or baseball cap)

Season 5 - club swim jacket

Seasons 6-9 - swim cap only

Season 10 - Special trophy presentation for club loyalty and dedication

Additional club swim caps may be purchased at any time during the season for $15.00.

Adult supporter shirts or additional shirts may be purchased for $35.00.

Baseball caps may be purchased for $15.00.

Due to their exclusive nature, additional club towels and swimming jackets may not be purchased.



The club continues to recommend Funkita swimwear due to it's superior durability and fit, as well as being cost effective for both the club and parents.  Children may swim in any colours, however Funkita do make a range of styles in fluro green/gold/black (size 8+) that many club members wear to show their Stingrays spirit.  Suggested styles that are currently in stock or in clearance stock are:


Girls Swimwear Options –


             Laser Cube                             Supersonic                            Radioactive                        Golden Glow

                Still Brasil                         Tiptonic


Boys Swimwear Options –

              Laser Cube                         Prickly Pete                          Radioactive                          Still Black


             Still Brasil                               Laser Cube                              Still Black