Race Meet Nominations

How to Enter a Meet via Swim Central

If you plan to compete in a race meet outside of Samford Stingrays Club Nights, you must register for these events via Swim Central.

  1. Login to Swim Central HERE
  2. Select "Events" from the left-hand menu, or alternatively select 'locate an event' from the quick links or search the events calendar.
  3. From the Events tab, select the date of the meet from the calendar.  A blue dot under a date indicates a meet is scheduled on that day.
  4. Select "View Event" next to the meet you want to nominate for

In the Event Details, there are:

  • Details tab that will provide details about the event, contact details, closing dates, etc
  • Entries tab that will provide a list of eligible races the swimmer has qualified for

To Nominate/Enter a meet:

  1. Select the swimmer you wish to enter in the Nominee box and confirm you are representing the correct club.
  2. A list of all eligible events for the swimmer based on age and gender will appear.
  3. If there are no qualification times or the swimmer meets the qualification time, a "+" icon will be displayed.  Select the "+" 
  4. If the swimmer does not meet the qualification time, the race will not display or alternatively will show an 'ineligible' tag
  5. Races already entered will display with "Entered".
  6. The cost for each race will be listed above the "+" icon
  7. If entering more than one swimmer into the same meet, select the next swimmer from the nominee box and select races for that swimmer
  8. The total number of events entered will be displayed in the Shopping Cart item count
  9. Once all races have been selected, click the cart icon or "Make Payment."
  10. A confirmation screen will display all the events you entered for each swimmer.
  11. Confirm all entries, or remove any unwanted items, if necessary, by selecting the "X" next to the event.
  12. Enter payment details and select Agree with Terms & Conditions in the payment method window.
  13. Select "Buy Now" and complete purchase.
  14. A Thank you for your Purchase screen will display, and an email confirmation will be sent to your registered email.

Race Meet information and Marshalling information are sent to your registered emails via the Race Secretary of the meet before the event.  If you have any questions regarding the meet, feel free to either ask the question in the chat section of Samford Stingrays Stack App, or you can alternatively email the Race Secretary of the meet (details are listed on the details tab of the event in Swim Central)