Club Nights

Friday night club nights at the Samford Pool are just as good as in the old days. Everybody loves the relaxed local community atmosphere, family-friendly vibe and spirit of mateship among the kids, which gives it a truly vintage feel.

Children are arranged into heats according to their best times and seeded regardless of age or gender. 

When is the swim club held?  Club nights are held every Friday from 5.30 pm, 6 October 2023 to 8 March 2024, with a break during the Christmas school holidays. 


(Age Guide: 8 & Under - swimmers compete at 12.5m and develop their stroke over 25m.  They may progress to 25m in one or more strokes whilst competing at 12.5m in other strokes )

  *  May compete in all 12.5m events or the rotated 25m events offered each week (Free/Breast one week, Back/Fly the next).  No club points will apply to the junior session, including 25m events.
  * Our juniors primarily focus on stroke development and confidence building in a fun environment.  There are no disqualifications.  
  *  Progression to the senior session is determined by qualifying times and stroke competence in all four strokes at 25m.
  *  At club championships, a Junior session is held on Friday, 15th March 2024, which includes 12.5m & 25m events in all strokes, separated into male and female races of mixed age.  Only Age 8 and under can compete in the Junior Club Championships.  There are no disqualifications unless a completely different stroke has been swum to that being raced.  
  *  End-of-season junior trophies are awarded to every swimmer at our Club Presentation night.     
SENIOR STINGRAYS commence once our Stingray Pups finish (approximately 6.15 pm) 

(No age restrictions, swimmers should meet the qualifying times for all strokes - age categories from 9 and under to 17 and over)

  *  25m and 50m for all strokes each club night with the rotation of Individual Medley and 100m events to help shorten the program.
*  May compete in one distance per stroke per club night only.  Cannot swim both 50m & 100m in the same stroke at the same club night when 100m is offered.
  *  May swim the 100m or 200m Individual Medley in addition to the four standard strokes when offered.           
  *  Accumulation of club points will apply for each swim, ranging from 1 to 8 points depending on comparison to personal best time.
  *  Progression from 25m to 50m is subject to the Club's set progression times.
  * Rule tolerances will apply to children aged 8 & under, where every effort will be made not to disqualify unless a completely different stroke is being swum to that being raced.  No tolerances will be applied to swimmers aged 9 & over, meaning that they may be disqualified for fundamental stroke errors, false starts etc.  Usually, a warning is given first to give the swimmers an opportunity to correct.  At club championships, no tolerances will apply to swimmers aged 9 & over.
  * To be eligible for distance championship events (200m/400m), swimmers must swim a trial over 100m at a club night (or have done so in a previous season).  
  *  Club championships will be held as usual over two days - Friday 15th & Saturday 16th March 2024.
  * To be eligible for age champion at club championships, swimmers must swim all 4 standard strokes at either 25m (9 & under) or 50m (10 & over).
* Swimmers will race by gender and age group.  I.e. males & females 9 and under through to 17 and over, with awards to placegetters in every event.
  * End-of-season perpetual points plaque for every swimmer with a plate added for each year of membership.  Points champions calculated from overall points for the season, as well as other annual perpetual awards - male & female club champions, distance champions, and other awards of Excellence relating to the highest number of swims for the season (club & carnival) and most number of times a personal best time is broken for the season.

Relax and enjoy the end of the school week with our BBQ to help you take care of Friday night dinner for the family.

We aim to conclude the senior session by 8.30 pm at the latest. 

Club night results are available in near real-time on the Swim Club Connect app through your smartphone or device.