Club Nights

Friday night club nights at the Samford Pool are just as good as they were in the old days. Everybody loves the relaxed local community atmosphere, family friendly vibe and spirit of mateship among the kids that really gives it a truly vintage feel.

Children are arranged into heats according to their personal best times and are seeded regardless of age or gender. 

When is swim club held?  Club nights are held every Friday night from October to March with a break during Christmas school holidays. Gates open at 5:30pm for a free swim, with our 12.5m swimmers commencing at 6:00pm and the racing for our 25m/50m/100m swimmers commencing at 6:30pm. 

Our 12.5m races are scheduled first in the program, with all four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) running consecutively.  We then move to the 25m, 50m & 100m distances, with the strokes being rotated each week.  Individual medley events are offered at all club nights, except where distance championship events are scheduled.

Relax and enjoy the end of the school week, with our BBQ to help you take care of Friday night dinner for the family.

We aim to conclude all club nights by 8.30pm at the latest. 

Club night results are available in real-time on the free Meet Mobile app through your smart phone or device.