Swim Club Connect

About Swim Club Connect

Swim Club Connect is a new application developed by Swim Coaches and meet directors to manage and time races.  The app uses cloud-based technologies simplifying hosting and recording of swim meets.  Swimmers have real time access to swim times and a simple process to nominate for events.

Find out more information about Swim Club Connect here: https://swimclubconnect.com/

Swim Club Connect is available on both Apple App store and Google Play for andriod phones.

Download the app and register

STEP 1 - Download the App
Mac OS: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/swim-club-connect-meet-manager/id1577698315

Create your profile and join the club Samford Stingrays Swim Club
Membership code for our club is 4520

Create your swimmer profile/s.

Once our Race Secretary announces the opening of nominations for the next club night, you will see an option to nominate in the App...... and guess what?....  You can nominate for club night anytime until 5.30 pm of that club night. 

You will use your phone to time, and it is super easy!  Please make sure your phone is fully charged and ready to go.

Swim Club Connect App offers a 30-day free trial, allowing you to subscribe for 2 months to see out this season at $2.99 per month.  Should you wish to have annual access to the App, there is the option of a small charge of $10.49 per year

The committee kindly asks members to treat this fee as a contribution towards saving hours of administration time conducted by your fellow club parents, who generously volunteer their personal time to run our kids' swim club.