Stylish Stingrays fresh makeover for summer

Stylish Stingrays fresh makeover for summer

Fri - 15/08/14

Welcome to our new website which is easy to explore for the latest news, upcoming events, nominations and club information. Everything you need to know in one handy location. At home or out and about, just visit our website for all of your club needs.

You may remember Sammy Stingray had a mini makeover towards the end of last season. Well that’s not the only change. While everyone has been hibernating during winter, the swim club committee has been hard at work revamping our club for a bigger and better summer.

We were so inspired by the vibe at club nights, carnivals and championships last year, that we wanted to make Stingrays shine even brighter than ever before this season.

Our members, families and sponsors can be proud to belong to Samford Stingrays Swim Club with our new professional yet friendly approach to communications.

Remember, if you can ever help us to deliver quality member information and services, please contact our club committee. Every little bit helps as we are a non-profit organisation here to benefit our members.