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Club Night Nomination

Nominations close at 10PM Thursday.
Please submit a separate form for each swimmer.

(1) Create/Revise Standing Nomination - please enter the events that your child wishes to swim every week until you advise otherwise.
(2) One-off Change - if your child wishes to swim something different for this week only, please select this option and enter all events that they would like to swim this week. Next week, their events will revert back to the Standing Nominations that were previously entered.
(3) Can't Make It - please select if you know your chid cannot attend club night this week.


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No current nights/meets to nominate for

Basic Nomination Rules - Club Nights

  • Please nominate for only 1 distance per stroke, plus the individual medley if applicable.
  • New members may nominate for either 12.5m or 25m in each stroke.
  • Qualification times for 25m need to be met before nominating for 50m & 100m events.
  • 100m medley is subject to qualification in all 4 strokes at 25m. 200m medley is subject to qualification in all 4 strokes at 50m.
  • Please refer to the Club handbook for progression times for moving up in distance, and for general rules regarding club night nominations.