COVID-19 Updates


To protect our members, spectators, volunteers, committee and to comply with the rules that apply to swim club events, our club nights will need to look very different this year. Most importantly, due to social distancing requirements we are required to limit the number of people that are able to be at the pool at any one time. To achieve this we may need to adjust our program, limit the number of parents at the pool at any one time and limit our free swims. Swimming Queensland also recommends a ‘self-marshalling’ system, which will take a bit of getting used to, particularly for the younger swimmers. Our entry and exit gates will be monitored by committee to assist those attending.  The separate ‘field of play’ and spectator areas will also be clearly marked on club nights. Spectators will not be allowed to enter the ‘field of play’ area.


We’re doing everything we can to keep all club night attendees safe with enhanced COVID‑19 protocols in place.  This includes providing hand sanitiser at the entry gate, BBQ and time keeping areas. All volunteers on the BBQ will be wearing gloves.  We have designated committee members following enhanced cleaning protocols including disinfecting door knobs, toilets, surfaces and general cleaning throughout the night.  Antibacterial wipes available to timekeepers at all times especially when swapping with other volunteer timekeepers.  We will be having 1 time keeper per lane to enable physical distancing. 


Our club COVIDSafe Plan has been drawn up according to the Swimming Pool and Aquatic Centre Industry COVIDSafe Plan Stage 3 as recommended by Swimming Queensland and the Queensland Government.  A copy of the Industry Plan can be found here.


We are working hard to have our season run as close to normal as we can. There will be some changes that we just can’t avoid for now, we are working through these restrictions and will be providing more information as the season gets closer.